North Metro is our home – it should be a place where we can get to work, school, and play easily and quickly.

Whether it's Colorado Blvd. or almost anywhere on I-25, we all spend a ridiculous amount of time stuck in traffic jams – valuable time we could spend with our families, our friends or at work, and businesses could be moving materials and people. That's why Faith has stepped up to be a state leader in solving Colorado's transportation woes.

Our transportation solutions are as diverse as our transportation needs. There's no one silver bullet solution – improving roads, increasing bus routes, making transit affordable and easy to use, creating additional bike paths and planning for walkable neighborhoods are all part of getting us to work, school, parks and all the places we need to go.

Senate Bill 1. This year, Faith was a leader in passing Senate Bill 1, the biggest increase in transportation funding in more than a decade to improve traffic congestion and get Coloradans where they need to go. Faith was one of several legislators who came to the table to hammer out a fiscally responsible proposal that passed both the House and the Senate that will mean better roads, more affordable transit, and funding for bike paths and more walkable neighborhoods, so we can spent more time doing what we want to do with far less frustration. View the SB 1 video and read Faith's blog for more details.


How has commuting or other transportation woes impacted your day-to-day?