North Metro should be a place where families can live and thrive – Faith is working hard to put government back on the side of working parents and families.

Economic Opportunity. Hardworking North Metro residents should be able to earn a decent living. But too many of our families are living paycheck to paycheck because they don't have the kind of jobs that come with higher wages, paid family leave, and opportunities for advancement. Faith knows that investing in education and workforce development, developing family-friendly policies, and partnering with business to create well-paying jobs creates the economic stability that families need to get ahead and stay ahead. Faith will keep working hard to make sure hardworking families have the opportunity to not just survive, but thrive.

Paid Family Leave. Faith has been the champion of paid family leave at the Capitol because because she believes that Coloradans can be responsible employees and responsible family members. When Coloradans are welcoming a new child into their home, battling cancer, or taking care of dying parent, their families will be stronger  – and they'll perform better at work – when they can take care of their family without risking their paychecks. She will continue to be a voice for the FAMLI Act.

Affordable Housing. All of our hardworking families deserve a safe home, but there’s an affordable housing crisis in Colorado. Buying a home in North Metro is out of reach for many families. It’s so bad, many of our neighbors are being forced to uproot their families and move away. Faith has sponsored several bills to create  affordable housing trust funds so that our neighbors can afford to continue to raise their children and call North Metro home.

Schools. All North Metro kids should have a world-class education in our public schools so they are ready for a career, an apprenticeship, college or other path – but Colorado’s schools are severely underfunded, ranking below West Virginia and Kentucky in per pupil funding. Kids are shortchanged because their class sizes continue to grow, our teachers are over-stressed and spend far too much time in testing rather than learning and doing. Faith is working to improve schools and give them – and our kids – the resources they need to succeed, supporting efforts to reduce excessive testing, increase classroom funding, expand vocational and career training, and increase teacher pay. 


What issues are facing Your family?