With a B.S. degree in Environmental Management and a minor in Biology, Faith stands up to protect Colorado's environment and the outdoor lifestyle we all love.

Climate Change. Climate change is real – and it's hurting Colorado and our people. Over-relying on burning fossil fuels has brought us rising heat and shrinking yearly snowpack in the mountains. This means we're in an almost perpetual drought, wildfires now burn year-round and our air is becoming unhealthy to breathe. It is up to us to work towards a solution – which is why Faith is helping to build Colorado's renewable energy economy.  She voted to increase wind and solar energy, creating local jobs that can't be outsourced, reducing pollution and improving public health, and passed an energy efficiency standard bill.

Public Lands. Our public lands allow us to pursue our famous Colorado way of life – hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, biking – the activities that make our state great. Faith and her family set aside time every weekend to visit the mountains to connect with nature and each other. Faith's successful conservation easements bill will protect valuable lands for recreation, conservation, wildlife habitats, and family farms.


What are your thoughts on conservation Issues in Colorado?