The 2019 legislative session is over – here's what we accomplished

Delivering for Colorado Families

*note: you can see my full legislative history on my Capitol Roundup page*

Whew, the legislative session was a whirlwind this year – but what a great success it was for Colorado’s working families!

In just 120 days, I passed 32 bills – and was able to work with Republican co-sponsors for more than half of them. In a time when our public conversations seem hopelessly divided, I collaborated with GOP Senators like Senator Rankin to pass laws to improve the lives of Coloradans. Gridlock may paralyze Washington D.C. but here in Colorado, we know how to work together to get things done.

I’m delighted to tell you that I delivered on virtually all of the promises I made to the people of Senate District 24 during last year’s campaign, including:

Student Loan Protection/SB 2

People with student loan debt now will be treated with more fairness because student loan servicers must follow fair loan rules and cannot engage in deceptive trade practices.

Safe Campuses/SB 7

This bill outlines concrete ways to prevent sexual misconduct on our state college and university campuses.

Climate Change Goals/HB 1261

Colorado now has greenhouse gas pollution goals so we can ramp up the renewable energy economy and jobs while protecting Colorado’s way of life.

Affordable Housing Options/HB1319

Governments may use their empty buildings for affordable housing projects and the bill also cut red tape to make affordable housing projects easier to put together all to alleviate the lack of housing options for mid-to-low wage workers and their families.

Eviction Defense Fund/SB 180

Since 90% of landlords are represented by lawyers in eviction proceedings but only 1% of renters are, it was time to level the playing field to create an eviction legal defense fund so families aren’t unfairly evicted from their homes.

Transportation Solutions/SB 239

Because I’m just a frustrated as you are by long commutes, we passed a bill to create a stakeholder group to examine transportation improvement options and recommend solutions that take into account changing technologies and changing consumer behavior.

Paid Family Medical Leave/SB 188

Even though we fell short in creating a paid family medical leave insurance program this year, we took an important first step to set up a task force to study the solvency of a program so we can pass the program next year.

Social Security Disability Application Assistance/HB 1223

This bill helps people with disabilities apply for social security getting them the resources they need to be successful.

Conservation Easement /HB 1264

Conservation easements protect millions of acres of land all across Colorado preserving habitat, protecting wildlife and saving agricultural land.  This bill ensured the continuation of this important program.

Recycling/SB 192

Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rates in the country, this bill creates a grant program for local communities to increase recycling rates.

Opioid Addiction Prevention/SB 228

This bill will help prevent opioid addiction by putting warning labels on opioids, having pharmacists educate patients about the potential for addiction and requiring that all prescribers are trained in how to prevent addiction.

I am proud of not just our accomplishments this session, but also that we dared to dream big for Colorado’s working families. Please know that I will always stand up for you against wealthy special interests to make Colorado the fairest and best place to live, work and raise a family.

While I’ll admit I’m catching up on my sleep after all the late nights spent at the Capitol, it is an honor to represent you and your family at the state legislature. Since I’m your voice in the Senate – please don’t ever hesitate to contact me with your concerns, thoughts and suggestions.

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