Investing in Colorado's education

I hear you! ;)

Whether I’m knocking on doors, calling voters, answering my cell phone (303-594-5594), or participating in community meetings, I’m listening to you. In my 16 years as a community leader and public servant, I’ve always listened to you. And here’s what I hear: Education is your number one concern.

I know that education matters. Quality teachers matter. Fair teacher pay matters. Enough teachers to inspire each and every child in the classroom matters.

We need an educational system that stresses critical thinking, active learning and doing, not just preparing for the standardized tests, taking the tests and desperately playing defense to prevent harmful funding cuts to schools struggling with raising test scores.

We need modern classrooms stocked with the tools needed to teach our kids how to succeed in this century’s digital workplace -- not just computer labs and powerpoint projectors but tablets at every desk, interactive projectors, state-of the art science labs and coding classes. We should teach not only basic computer skills, but how to guard against cyber threats and filter out inaccuracies (“fake news”) when getting information online.

We need not only STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs that will empower our kids to compete in a global economy but also robust reading, writing and civics instruction so our students are prepared with the skills, knowledge and critical thinking experience they’ll need so they are ready for a career, an apprenticeship, college or other path after graduation.

Our teachers and local schools all around the North Metro community need our support.

As you know, Colorado’s schools are severely underfunded, ranking below West Virginia and Kentucky in per pupil funding. Kids are short-changed because their class sizes continue to grow and teachers are stressed out, unable to devote the time they want to treat each child as a unique learner.

Colorado needs to invest in education.

That’s why I’ve made a new video to tell the voters here in Senate District 24 about Colorado’s outrageously low ranking for school investment – and about how shopping with my kids for school supplies demonstrates the everyday problems families face when working to afford an education for their kids.

I’ve been working to improve schools and give our kids the resources they need to succeed, supporting efforts to reduce excessive testing, increase classroom funding, expand vocational and career training, and increase teacher pay. Our Brighton 27J, Mapleton, Adams 12, and Westminster school districts make me proud but with fair funding, we can make them even better.

Teachers know that I am a champion for our schools. That’s why I’ve received endorsements from them, from both the Colorado Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers-Colorado.

With so much on the line, and such a difference between me and my opponent on this issue, our kids are counting (and reading and writing and coding) on us.

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