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As a mother, my kids inform every decision I make, from championing paid family leave policies so every child can have a parent care for them when they’re sick, to driving them from gymnastics to track practice and every other extracurricular activities. Tobin and Sienna are the center of my world, and they depend on their father and me for love, support, safety and health.

It’s nothing short of heartbreaking to see the media coverage of children – even babies – being torn from their parents’ arms at the border with little or no explanation of what’s happening or when they can be reunited. There are over 2,000 children in mass detention centers or foster care, held in mass cages with mats on the floor and plastic thermal sheeting for blankets. And that number is only supposed to grow.

When I consider what those families are experiencing, it makes me want to both cry and scream with rage. I think about how painful it would be to have Tobin and Sienna taken from me and imagine the fear they would feel. Just the other night, we had a babysitter and I took a call from my son at 8:30 wondering when we would return. I could assure him we would be home soon; the mothers at the border can’t offer their children that comfort.

Children and parents alike are being traumatized – the parents desperate to protect and care for their children and the children lost and terrified without their parents. And all because the current administration has instituted a zero-tolerance policy for their parents who are accused of illegally crossing the border, even those seeking asylum legally.

How can our own government execute such an immoral, inhumane and cruel policy, especially when we are a nation of immigrants? We have lost our moral compass. This is not the America I grew up in – my America understands that every child deserves kindness, compassion and love and that families belong together. It’s an issue of humanity, not law.

Join me in trying to right this egregious wrong – here are ways to help the families incarcerated at the border:

Parents recognize that heartlessly ripping families apart is wrong, regardless of party affiliation or ideology. I’ll hug Tobin and Sierra extra long tonight – and imagine you’ll do the same because #FamiliesBelongTogether.

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