Advancing Equal Pay

Winter & Pettersen Team Up Again to Advance Equal Pay


(April 4) – Yesterday, Reps. Faith Winter and Brittany Pettersen awarded Elevations Credit Union a tribute recognizing their dedication to equal pay and today announced eight trainings to promote best practices for businesses to achieve equal pay.

“We won’t achieve equal pay until my five-year-old daughter is 46,” said Rep. Winter, D-Westminster. “That’s unacceptable, which is why I honored Elevations Credit Union, a business in my district, for going above and beyond to close the pay gap now, not in 40 years.”

“We value the contributions of every Front Range community member, and we will always compensate our own team members fairly and equally—regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation,” said Gerry Agnes, President and CEO of Elevations Credit Union.

“We believe that equal work deserves equal pay, and we’re proud to join our community in recognizing the hard work of all and celebrating Equal Pay Day,” said Debra Johnston, Chief People Officer of Elevations Credit Union.

Elevations Credit Union is nationally recognized for their work to ensure that women and men of color receive equal pay. One example of a best practice utilized by ECU is the use of a website that shows the pay range for each position. Transparency around salaries is one of the proven ways to achieve equal pay.

Last year, Reps. Winter and Pettersen sponsored the Fair Pay from the Start Act, a bill that would have prohibited employers from asking a candidate’s salary history or required the employer to post the salary range for the available position. They also sponsored the Colorado Family First Act, a bill that would have created an award to recognize and certify Colorado companies that follow several family-friendly policies, including paying equal pay for equal work and giving all employees equal opportunity for promotion to leadership positions.

On Equal Pay Day, Reps. Winter and Pettersen also announced that Colorado’s Small Business Development Centers will be providing training for Colorado businesses on best practices to achieve equal pay.

“We don’t always need a bill to get things done,” said Rep. Pettersen, D-Lakewood. “This year, we brought together advocates and small business development centers to provide trainings to achieve equal pay, because equal pay can’t wait.”

Below are some of these trainings:
• 2017 Advance Procurement Expo: April 18, Denver
• Colorado Creative Industries Summit: May 4-5, Breckenridge
• 2017 Day at the Dot in Region 4- May 18, Greeley
• Creating Connections with the Mountain Pains Minority Supplier Development Council
• Power of Connections: Turning Relationships into Opportunities- June 20, Denver
• Colorado SBDC Women’s Small Business Conference-July 14, Ignacio
• Increase your Chance to do Business with the City-July 18, Denver
• Colorado SBDC Women’s Small Business Conference-November 2, Fort Collins