You Did It - Thank you


Your knocking on doors made a difference.
Your phone calls made a difference.
Your handwritten postcards made a difference.
Your tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts made a difference.
Your donations made a difference.

Your vote made a difference and helped determine the future of Colorado.

I am honored to be the Senator-elect for Senate District 24. The North Metro area is where I am raising my family, where I own my small business, and where I love to play – that is why I ran a grassroots campaign. I trusted that if we involve the community in our campaign, then they would trust me to represent them with accountability, transparency, and a belief that Colorado’s economy should work for hardworking families.

Now, the Colorado Senate can be a place where common sense bills that will help families in our state get ahead and have their opportunity for the American Dream can be discussed, debated, and passed. Now, our state will be a place known for putting hardworking Coloradans first. Now, our state can protect our clean air, clean water, and access to public lands. We can pass policies like Paid Family Leave, safe workplaces, transportation solutions, and give our teachers the resources they need to make sure Colorado’s kids are getting the best education possible.

The work is only just beginning, but today, let’s celebrate our shared vision of Colorado.

As your Senator-elect, I’m accountable to you. Please continue to email, text, or call me whenever you have questions about where I stand on issues that matter to you.

Thank you - this is your win.

Winter is here,

BlogSarah White