Conservation is key to Colorado's outdoor lifestyle

Most kids dream of being doctors, athletes, teachers and scientists; I wanted to make more waterfalls. And even then I knew I wanted to be a part of cleaning up the brown cloud that obscured our mountain views.

My commitment to conservation, to protecting our clean air and water, our open spaces and recreation areas has never wavered. From my college career – a B.S. degree in Environmental Management and Biology – to my years of public service on the board of the Butterfly Pavilion, on the Westminster City Council and in the legislature, I’ve always stood up to protect Colorado's environment and the outdoor lifestyle we all love.

I believe that conservation issues are the key to so many of Colorado’s issues. Expanding public transportation and decreasing traffic will help limit air pollution. Building a renewable energy economy will create stable jobs and move us away from the oil and gas industry’s boom-and-bust cycles of the past. These steps to address climate change will will reduce droughts, wildfires and declining snowfalls, boosting our hospitality industry, as well as summer and winter family sports.

Our public lands give us open spaces where our families can pursue our beloved Colorado way of life, whether we love hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, biking, or just a peaceful picnic. Almost every weekend (OK, not during campaign season!) my family goes to the mountains to connect with nature, to get away from those omnipresent screens, and to play around in the fresh air. But more and more our public lands are at risk from those who want to overdevelop the natural resources and even sell parcels off to the highest bidder.

These are big, tough issues; I love tackling those!

I’ve worked hard to create common-sense solutions such as helping to make Westminster the first platinum solar city in the state, co-sponsoring legislation to increase wind and solar energy and passing an energy efficiency standard bill. My successful conservation easements bill will protect valuable lands for recreation, conservation, wildlife habitats, and family farms.

But we can do so much more without a partisan, do-nothing and obstructionist State Legislature. I have a record of creating bipartisan compromises and I know that with your help, I can use those skills in the State Senate.

BlogSarah White