I'll continue standing up for paid family leave

Today another Koch-funded Super PAC launched another attack ad trying to smear me for introducing FAMLI, a bill to allow workers to earn paid time off for when they or a loved one is struggling with serious medical condition like cancer or are welcoming a new baby at home. The ad alleges I would be levying outrageous taxes to fund the program.

It’s not just misleading, it’s false.

The truth is that for the price of a cup of coffee a week ($1.75 to $5, depending on the worker), we can provide paid family leave for all Coloradans, a common sense, family-friendly policy that I’m proud to support.

I have been the lead sponsor of paid family leave bills at the Capitol three times. I believe that Coloradans can be both responsible employees and responsible family members. When Coloradans give birth to or adopt a new baby, battle cancer or take care of a dying parent, their families will be stronger – and they'll perform better at work – if they can take care of their loved ones without losing needed pay. Many workers simply can’t afford to choose between a paycheck and caring for a recovering spouse without the risk of being evicted or getting behind on utility bills.

This past year, I finally got FAMLI through the House – only to see it stymied by the Senate. In fact, GOP leadership is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking me on my support for paid family leave. If Democrats can win back control of the Senate, we can finally get this basic pro-family program into place.

I believe in “family values” – and I walk the walk. North Metro should be a place where families can live and thrive, where we can find affordable housing, college is affordable, it’s possible to save for the future, equal pay for equal work is the standard and yes, workers can afford to take time off when they need to care for a sick family member.

I have put my all into putting government on the side of working parents and families – and I will continue to do so in the State Senate.

If you agree that workers should be able to earn paid time off to care for family members in a medical crisis, please vote for me by 7PM on November 6th – because when I’m elected, I can and will pass these common-sense bills into law.

BlogSarah White