Faith is running for State Senate to stand up for working families. Faith won’t back down when things get hard.

Faith’s dad loves to tell the story that when she was growing up, every night at the dinner table Faith would pray for God to end homelessness and make more waterfalls. For more than a decade Faith has worked hard to protect our air, land and water and to create more affordable housing. In fact, just this year Faith worked hard on bills to create an affordable housing trust fund and climate change. It was frustrating to see these measures defeated in the State Senate.

As a mom, Faith also understands the struggles of working families. Faith and her husband Mark both worked two jobs to pay for their children’s day care. After two challenging pregnancies Faith passed the Pregnant Workers fairness act. In the last two years Faith has brought bills to ensure equal pay for equal work and for paid family leave. Unfortunately, these measures were also defeated in the senate.

This is why Faith is running for the Senate. It has become hard to pass common sense legislation that protects families, creates economic security, protects our environment and ensures everyone can find a home. Even with bi-partisan support, may of these measures never even get a chance for a vote. Faith has decided to continue the fight and she isn’t going to give up. In the Senate, Faith will continue to work hard and stand up for all of us in order to ensure that everyone has a chance at success.

Faith also believes in giving back to her community which is why she is on the board of The Butterfly Pavilion and on the advisory board of a Precious Child. Faith was elected to the legislature after seven years on the Westminster City Council, where she helped to make Westminster the first platinum solar city in the state. She also championed small business support and services for survivors of domestic violence.

When Faith isn’t in the legislature and knocking on doors she is hiking, cooking and spending time with her family, her kids Tobin and Sienna along with her husband Mark and their dogs and cat.